Dora: *walks into a kitchen and hears a voice and turns around and see's an orange with a face* Oh cool a talking orange

Orange: OMG a ugly moldy watermelon *does his annoying laugh*

Dora: No silly I'm a kid.

Orange: You meen like a baby goat. your a goat melon *does annoying laugh again*

Pear: Dude there is no such thing as a goat melon.

Dora: No like a pers...

Orange: *Cuts off Dora in mid speech* No your an ugly fat goat melon *laughs*

Dora: thats mean.

Orange: So is your face *laughs*

Pear: That makes no sence.

Orange: Your an apple

Dora: Apples are tasty

Orange: *Makes cricket cricket noices*

Pear: could you stop that

Orange: Fine. Hey goat melon

Dora: What?

Orange: Fox!!! *Swiper comes up behind Dora and bites off a peace her neck causing her to die instantly*

Pear: Owch

Orange: Oh well I was starting like goat melon.

Pear: Really?

Orange: No

The End

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