Kludd also known as Metel beak an evil owl and the leader of the evil pure ones army who will stop at nothing to destroy the owl kingdom vs Hedwig Harry Potters pet owl who has saved his life more then once WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!!!!

Name: Kludd
Legend-of-the-guardians kludd-wallpaper
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Close range: Metal Helm
Special weapon: Battle claws
Boron s Battle Claws by vitaedigest
X-factor: Smarter better weapons Belongs to a Harry Potter


Hedwig is flying over The forest kingdom of Tyto. On a near by birch tree Kludd is watching her. Kludds men have been tracking this one for a long and many assassians have tried and failed. *Well if you want something done right you have to do it your self* Kludd says then he takes flight, charging at Hedwig slicing at Hedwig but Hedwig dodges and stabs Kludds face a would be kill if Kludd wasn't wearing his helm. Kludd takes pay back by hitting Hedwig in the head with his helm. This dazes hedwig, but doesn't stun her. Hedwig recovers and jabs Kludd in the stomach causing him to bleed like crazy but he is still alive. Kludd then yells YOU SHALL DIE YOU UNPURE PEACE OF S**T!!!!!!!!! and slices off one of Hedwigs wings with his battle claws making Hedwig to fall from the sky. Kludd hears a sickening splat and goes to see if he has killed her or not. He see's a bloody carcass on top of a rock. Kludd then says Pure ones shall be victorous and flys away.

Winner: Kludd

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