Han Solo deadly pilot of the millenion falcon and leader of the rebel alliance vs Captain Kirk dangerous captain of the federation vessel WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Stick figure
Name: Han Solo
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk 1
Close range: Combat knife
Mid range: Customized laser pistol
K246253 Han Solo-scaled-blaster
Phase pistol
Rp phaser ent
Long range: Rebel assult rifle
Plasma rifle
File 24 34


Han Solo is walking near by a lake on Endor with 2 rebel soilders. Near by Captain Kirk and 2 federation officers are tracking a crash landing that just happend to be the milleniam falcon. The two teams meet in a feild close to an abandon ewok village. The rebel soilder on the right fires a shot from his rifle hitting one of Kirks men in the arm wounding him. Kirk responds by shooting the rebel in the neck with his phase pistol killing him instantly. Solo then shoots the wounded officer in the eye with his customized pistol this kills the officer in 5 seconds. Kirk and his living officer run towards the village as do Solo and the remaining soilder. Solo and the rebel split up, Solo goes upward towards the huts the the rebel stays at the border of the village. Kirk and his officer go onto a balcony the rebel see's them and shoots the phase pistol out of Kirks hand and off the balcony. The officer shoots the rebel inbetween the eyes. Solo the comes out from behind a hut and shoots the officer. Kirk grabs his officers rifle and attaches it to a bayonet. He then disarms solo of his gun then stabs him in the leg. Solo pulls out his combat knife and runs further into the village. Kirk fallows he passes a hut but is then stabbed in the stomach. He is barely able to say who are you Solo the replies your worse nightmare then he slits Kirks throat.

Winner: Han Solo