Doc Holliday deadly soilder who hardly ever missed of Tombstone in the old west vs Billy the kid civil war warrior turned outlaw

Name: Doc Holliday
Billy the kid
Close range: Customized knife
Bowie knife
Epcp 0807 01 z bowie knife side view
Mid range: Custimized colt revolvers
Aces Lightning web
Colt lightning revolvers
Long range: Winchester rifle
Winchester Model 1873 Short Rifle 1495
Double barrel shotgun
Crescent 450


At a saloon in the city Tombstone Doc Holliday is playing poker with a strange man hiding his face with a bandana only his eyes are showing Doc Holliday wins and this makes the stranger angry. The stranger pulls off the bandana to reveal that he is Billy the kid he then aims one of his colt lightning revolvers at Hollidays head. Just as billy is about to shoot Doc Holliday grabs the barrel of the gun and forces it to the room making it shoot the roof. Doc then stabs Billy in the arm with his knife, every body in the saloon exept for Doc and Billy runs out of the saloon. Billy Grabs his bowie knife and slashes Doc across the face. Doc punches Billy in the face then slashes him across the face and says Hurts don't it and punches him in the face again. Billy falls backwards out of his chair he gets up and shoots twice at Doc, Doc dodges the first shot but the second shot hits his knife making it useless. Doc takes cover behind the bar counter where he noitces a winchester rifle hanging on the wall, he loads it with bullets and starts firing at Billy one shot hits his gun the other hits his stomach he falls over in pain, just as Doc is about to fire Billy grabs his shotgun and knocks the rifle out of Doc's hand he then shoots Doc in the arm. Doc grabs his revolver and is about to shoot Billy but Billy kicks it out of his hand. Billy shoots but Doc dodges the attack and grabs the revolver from the ground and shoots two shots into Billy's head and one in the heart. Doc walks over to the front counter and gets a beer he then walks out of the saloon.

Winner: Doc Holliday