Mr Black & Mr White black ops agents who fight mutants,monsters and stops the Test family from destroying Porkbelly city vs Gamble & Hoitz deadly partners against crime WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!!!!!

The Detectives come armed with:

(Left to Right) Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz

180px-Mr black and mr white

(Left to Right) Mr. Black, Johnny Test, Dokey and Mr. White

Short range: Wooden Gun

Mid range: Glock 18

X-factor: Allen's inner pimp and Better Weapons

And Mr. Black and Mr. White fire back with:

Short range: Karate

Mid range: Tazer gun (rigged to kill)

X-factor: Martial Arts


Detectives: 12

Agents: 12

Detectives Hoitz and Gamble walts into an abandoned musium, Terry holding the Glock 18, Allen with his wooden gun. A blast of electricity zooms past Terry's head. He turns around to see Mr. Black & Mr. White, both with rigged tazer guns. Terry opens fire on them with his glock 18, while Allen runs behind a Mammoth statue. Terry is able to shoot Mr. White between the eyes killing him instantly.

Detectives: 12

Agents: 1

Terry, temporarily distracted gets taken out by Mr. Black with a Tazer.

Detectives: 1

Agents: 1

Mr. Black, thinking he's killed all of them walks toward the door. But unlucky for him he was wrong. As Mr. Black walked past the Mammoth statue Allen jumped out and hits Mr. Black over the head and on the bridge of the nose. Mr. Black strikes back by karate chopping Allen in the stomach, this makes Allen release his inner pimp. He charges Mr Black and starts strangling him. He then grabs Terry's glock and shoots Mr. Black in the neck.

Detectives: 1


Some blood splashes onto Allen's glasses. He whipes it of with his sleeve and walks away.

Winner: Hoitz & Gamble