Round 1: Deathsroke vs Deadpool

Round 2: Chameleon vs Robin

Round 3: Red Skull vs Black Mask

Round 4: Firefly vs Pyro

Round 5: Man-thing vs Swamp-thing

Round 6: Nightwing vs Kick-ass

Round 7: Clayface vs Sandman

Round 8: Metallo vs War machine

Round 9: Lizard vs Killer croc

Round 10: Mr Fantastic vs Plastic man

Round 11: Ghost Rider vs Hellboy

Round 12: The Flash vs Quicksilver

Round 13: Scarecrow vs Daredevil

Round 14: Batman vs Punisher

Round 15: Yukon Jack vs Claw the Unconquered

Round 16: The riddler vs Hammerhead

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