Boba Fett deadly bounty hunter who takes joy in ending his enemy's life vs Fox tough leader of the star fox army WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Boba Fett
Fox is dead
Foxbrawl 2
Close range: Vibro blades
Redfox TeethShowoff
Mid range: Laser pistol
Laser pistol
Fox pinup
Long range: Jetpack rocket
Machine gun
Explosive: Thermal dentinator
0083645300028 215X215
Sensor bomb
234658-motionsensorbomb large
Special: Flamethrower


Boba Fett is hired by Jabba the Hutt to assassinate the one they call Fox for destroying one of his attack ships. Boba is able to track Fox to a cliff near a rain forest. Fox is standing at the cliff looking over the edge. Fett lands his ship right in front of the forest and shoots at Fox with his laser pistol but fox heard him landing and dodged the blasts and fires back with his own blaster Fox then says Look I don't want any trouble Boba then replies Theres a giant bounty on your head and I get payed whether I bring you in alive or DEAD, He the fires another shot but Fox turns on his reflector and the shot bounces off the reflector and hits Fett. Fox thinks Boba is dead and laughs at how easy it was to kill him he turns around and starts walking towards his ship but when he is 10 feet away from his ship the ship blows up he turns around to see boba standing there Fett then says I knew I should have set the thermal detinator for a few more seconds. Boba fires another shot hitting Fox in the knee. Fox screams in pain and drops his pistol and some other object that he had pulled out of this pocket. Boba walks over to finish Fox off but Fox walks away backwards smiling. Boba is just about to kill Fox but he steps on the object that fox dropped witch happend to be a landmine and it explodes. Earth and fire are every where, there is a cloud of smoke and Boba emerges epicly. Fox tackles Fett and yells Why won't you die in Fetts face. Fox then bites Fetts arm Fett yells in pain Boba strikes back by stabbing Fox in the groin, Fox rolls over screaming in pain. Fett is about to stab him in the heart but Fox kicks the vibro blade out of his hand and punches Boba in the face. Boba falls over, Fox grabs his machine gun and fires at Fetg but Fett dodges all of the shots. Boba then fires his jetpack rocket but Fox uses his reflector and the missle hits Boba and makes him go flying off the cliff, he is seriously hurt. Fox is sure he is dead now and walks away, but in a few seconds he is fryed by Fetts flamethrower. Fett puts the dead body into his ship and begins on his journey to Jabba's palace

Winner: Boba Fett

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