Bob the Builder's weapons:

Bob the Builder


Handy Manny

Short range: Hammer

2nd Short range: Drill

Mid range: Crowbar

Handy Manny's Weapons:

Short range: Exacto Knife

2nd Short range: Wrench

Mid range: Sawthumb|300px|left|Bob The Builder vs The Union


Bob the Builder and his machines are working on a giant 7ft hole in the wall of someones house, he then yells out "We are almost finished do you think we can do it" then every one yells out "Yes we can" then from the shadows a voice says "The only person fixing anything is me" out of the shadows steps Manny with a wrench in his hand. Bob then says "I'm sorry who are you" Manny then says "I'm Manny, and you are dead!!!!". Manny then charges Bob trying to hit him with his wrench.

Bob grabs his hammer and dodges and kicks Manny in the balls. Manny falls over in pain, Bob is about to kill Manny with his hammer, but manny rolls out of the way and kicks the hammer out of Bobs hand and then in the face. Bob reaches out and grabs a crowbar and hits Manny in the hip with it. Manny pulls out his saw and slashes bob across the chest causing him to bleed.

The two dual crowbar vs saw, Bob gets the upper hand and (with the hook on the crowbar) pulls the saw from Manny's hands. Manny pulls out an Exacto-Knife & jumps on Bob about to stab bob in the neck, but Bob quickly pulls out a drill and drills a whole through Manny's head. Bob gets up and says okay guys lets dig this mother***ker a grave.

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