Austin Powers deadly ladies man and spy from the the 70's vs Max Smart special forces spy who has saved the USA from total distrution WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Powers fires in with:

Austin Powers


Max Smart

Martial Art: Judo

Mid range: Walther PPK/S

Long range: Berreta M12

Special: M20 Bazooka

Max Smart shoots back with:

Martial Art: Military Training

Mid range: SIG Sauer P226

Long range: Scorpion vz. 61

Special: Pocket Knife with flamethrower & tiny harpoon

Weapon Pics






Beretta M12



Turkish army nato exercise


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SIG Sauer P226


Scorpion vz. 61


Max's Swiss Army Knife


Powers: 12345

Smart: 12345

Max Smart is sent to bring in an enemy spy named Austin Powers for intarigation. Max has tracked him and 4 fellow agents to an abandon hotel. He goes into the hotel with 4 U.S. agents. As they enter one of the U.S. agents gets taken out by a british agent with a Beretta M12.

Powers: 12345

Smart: 1234

Everyone splits up one agent going with Austin and another going with Max. In the restraunt of the hotel a british agent goes into the kitchen. He looks back through the door to see an american with a scorpion.

Powers: 1234

Smart: 1234

As the american turns around after turning the brit into an unreadible riddle, he is suddenly blown away by a m20 rocket.

Powers: 1234


The brit then runs off to join the rest of his team. Meanwhile Max and the last U.S. agents are chasing after Powers and and the brits. Austin hides in a room and when a U.S. agent passes he shoots him through the side of the head with his PPK/S.

Powers: 1234

Smart: 12

Meanwhile Max hears someone coming and pulls out his swiss army knife and pulls out the flamethrower part of it. When the brit comes around the corner Max torches him.

Powers: 123


A brit runs to an elevator, he quikly pushes the button and gets in but before the doors close a U.S. agent gets in, and after a short firefight the U.S. agent blows of the brits head with a P226.

Powers: 12

Smart: 12

When the elevator doors open Austin shoots him directly in the heart.

Powers: 12

Smart: 1

Meanwhile on the top floor Max hunts down the last brit shoots him twice in both legs. He then carries the brit to a balcany and kicks him off.

Powers: 1

Smart: 1

The two remaining spies meet on the roof. Both bring out there guns and fire... but both are out of bullets. They both throw away there guns and use hand to hand combat. Austin gets the first strike and kicks Max in the face. Max strikes back by repeatedly albowing Austin in the face, knocking him out.


Smart: 1

Max the takes off his shoe phone and contacts the chief. He says into it "Chief I've got him".

Winner: Max Smart


Name/Range Weapon Kills

Short range: Judo 8

Mid range: PPK/S 91

Long range: Berreta M12 300

Special: M20 89

Austin Powers: Total: 488

Name/Range Weapon Kills

Short range: Military Training 5

Mid range: SIG Sauer P226 101

Long range: Scorpion vz. 61 289

Special: Swiss Army Knife 117

Max Smart: Total: 512

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