Zelda (Zelda) Vs. Marth (SSB Brawl)

Zelda prepares for battle with

Short range: Sword of Biggeron

Mid range:Magaton Hammer

Long range: Bow (Light Arrow)

Special: Teleportation

Armor: Armor ring 30points

Sidekick: Felicia (Farie)

Sidekick main weapon: Magic

Tactic: Escape/Sneak

Marth enters battle ready with:

Short range: Sword of Mass Destruction

Mid range: Minture bombs

Long range: Sword smash (Shock wave s tuns enemy)

Special: Dolphin Slash

Armor:Shawmens Cape 25points

Sidekick: Shawmen

SidekIck main weapon: Magic

Tactic: Quick feet, Strong aerial attacks

Marth Zelda

Character Info:


Circa: Present

Age: 31 (Very fit)

Weight: 167lbs

Height: 5' 6


Circa: Present

Age: 41 (Ultra fit)


Height: 6' 7

Weapon Pictures:

Sword of Biggeron

Magnaton Hammer

Bow (Light Arrows)


Armor ring


Magic (Felicias Weapon)

                                                                                        Sword of mass destruction

                                                                                           Miniature Bombs

                                                                                           Sword Smash


                                                                                            Staff (Shawmens Weapon)



Shawmans weapon is mass destruction and can cast spells as well as fire balls ect. To cast the spells it takes alot of resorses that arnt made to last. To cast spells it is movment of the hand Ex: two fingers on the top and three on the bottom casts a destruction spell. The spells are easy to master but compared to spoken spells they hand made spells are more reliable but not as powerful. His sise adds to the factor he is a bigger charater but not the best with anything but a staff. He is still good in hand to hand but when your eyes are as big your depth perception is off but spells have a wide radius.


Felicias spells are very powerful and could easly kill a cow in one hit but when used on human it may take two hits.

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