Ezio (Assassins Creed)

Coji Saku (Ninja Assassin)

Close Range: Wrist Blades
Long Range: Crossbow
Whip Chain


????????? ???????????

BATTLE: "I... I am Ezio assassin...I was made to kill" As he leaves from his house he sees a suspicious man walking in his yard. " Hey! Get out of my yard!" "He he he" the man laughs. " I said get the F*** of my lawn "He he he" The man laughs again... Ezio spots a sword on his back. "What the F*** do you want!" Yells Ezio. "I want a fight B****" "You fight me WTF are you thinking!" Laughs Ezio "So is that a yes Ezio" "How do you know my name? And who are you?" "I just know and I am Coji Saku" "lets go you b******" Coji pulls out his katana thinking Ezio has know weapons... But he was wrong Ezio pulls out his wrist blades. Who will attack first... Coji slashes at him but it was an easy dodge Ezio gets a little jab at Coji besause of that first stupid move. Coji screams "Hahahaha you idiot you do not think well" "What do you mean? I'm kiking your A**" "No "Hahahahaha Coji laughs again. But while he is laughing Ezio rips the sword from his hand "Who is laughing now!" "I am" Says Coji. "What the heck is that!" WHACK Ezio has been hit on the face by something hard. It felt like a chain he thought. It was a chain whith a big spike on the end. So... He thout should I pull out my cross bow or keep the wrist blades? CROSSBOW!!! As he pulls out his crossbow he is hit again.But before he is hit again he shoots Coji wright in the stomach.Then snaps his neck...and rolls the body off a cliff.


WIinner: Ezio

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