Brick Tamland: Deadly weatherman, who likes a nice pair of slacks... & killing with a Trident vs. The Most Interesting Man In The World: That bearded guy from the Beer commercials. Who Is Deadliest???!!!
Brick yelling

Brick Tamland

Dosequis interesting


Brick Tamland explodes in with:

Mid range: Trident

Long range: Trident Throw

Special: Mk 2 Hand Grenade

Disposable Minions: Random Cameramen

Lead Minion: Grizzly Bear

The Most Interesting Man In The World Gets Drunk With:

Mid range: Pool Que Spear

Long range: Spear Throw

Special: Bear Trap

Disposable Minions: Random Bartendors

Lead Minion: Random Drunk Guy On A Horse

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