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    1. Lizard vs Killer Croc
    2. Starsky & Hutch vs Schmidt & Jenko vs Gamble & Hoitz
    3. Chameleon vs Great White Shark
    4. Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley
    5. Electro vs Raiden
    6. Burger King vs Ronald McDonald
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    The Lizard: The deadly reptile menace who constantly changes between the one-armed Dr. Connors to the vicous Lizard vs. Killer Croc: The demented cannibal, mutant with armour-like scales and razor-sharp teeth, who slauters innosence for his past ridicule. WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!

    Warrior: The Lizard Killer Croc
    Powers: Strenth, Agility, Can Control Reptiles, Size, Can Climb Walls Strenth, Armour-Like Skin, Agility
    Weapons: Tail, Teeth, Claws, Lizard Gas, Car, Various Objects Around Him Fists, Claws, Teeth, Knife, Chain, Sledge Hammer, Various Objects Around Him
    Weakness: Insanity, Can Turn Back Into Dr. Connors Any Moment Insanity, Lack of Intelligence

    -Battle Will Take Place In The Sewer

    -Sorry About the Lizard picture it was the best I Could…

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    This will be a tourney based on that guy with the glasses top 11 scariest performances. But this is goin to be called scariest characters because if i said performances it would be misleading since it just talks about the characters.

    Note: since I want it to be even numbers, I am going to add a 12th character.

    This is the order the characters were on the video.

    1. HAL (2001: A Space Odyssy)
    1. Reagan (The Exorcist)
    1. Anton (No Country For Old Men)
    1. The Joker (The Dark Knight)
    1. The Gemini Killer (One of the Excorcist Movies)
    1. Norman Bates (Psycho)
    1. Alex (A Clockwork Orange)
    1. Hannible Lector (Red Dragon & Silence of the Lambs)
    1. Annie Wilkes (Misery)
    1. T-1000 (Terminator 2)
    1. Bill Sykes (Oliver!)
    1. "Scorpio" (Dirty Harry)

    The format will be if a warrior is succesful in a battle…

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  • Jackyman225

    Zelda prepares for battle with

    Short range: Sword of Biggeron

    Mid range:Magaton Hammer

    Long range: Bow (Light Arrow)

    Special: Teleportation

    Armor: Armor ring 30points

    Sidekick: Felicia (Farie)

    Sidekick main weapon: Magic

    Tactic: Escape/Sneak

    Marth enters battle ready with:

    Short range: Sword of Mass Destruction

    Mid range: Minture bombs

    Long range: Sword smash (Shock wave s tuns enemy)

    Special: Dolphin Slash

    Armor:Shawmens Cape 25points

    Sidekick: Shawmen

    SidekIck main weapon: Magic

    Tactic: Quick feet, Strong aerial attacks

    Marth Zelda

    Character Info:


    Circa: Present

    Age: 31 (Very fit)

    Weight: 167lbs

    Height: 5' 6


    Circa: Present

    Age: 41 (Ultra fit)


    Height: 6' 7

    Sword of Biggeron


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  • Thats random369
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  • Thats random369
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  • Thats random369

    I have decided to start a video of the week, in wich I or an other user uploads a awsome video once every week. Other users can also suggest videos. This is the first video of the week!!!

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  • Thats random369

    Soooooooo ya this is my latest battle hope you like it.

    Ben fires in with:

    Short range (revolver): Colt Lawman MKIII

    Short range (Mini-Pistol): Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket

    Short range (Pistol): Desert Eagle

    Mid range (SMG): Mini-Uzi

    Mid range: (Shotgun): Saiga Shotgun

    Long range: (Assault Rifle): AR-15

    Long range (Machine Gun) Gattling Gun

    Melee: Kilij

    Explosive: Mk 2 Hand Grenade

    Special: Trident/Trident Throw

    Jake blasts back with:

    Short range (revolver): Colt Peacemaker


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  • Jackyman225

    Milly (As

    July 3, 2011 by Jackyman225
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  • Jackyman225
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  • Thats random369

    NOTE: There will only be 6 battles in this Tourny.

    1. Theodore Roosevelt vs Indiana Jones

    2. William the Conqueror vs Aragorn

    3. Al Capone vs Frank Costello

    4. Hernan Cortes vs Captain Jack Sparrow

    5. Vlad the Impaler vs Sauron

    6. Pancho Villa vs Zorro

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  • Thats random369

    Crafty Criminals: Fictions greatest crooks using both smarts and strength vs. Graphic Guerrillas: Fictions irregular warfare experts who discovered that an AK-47 can solve alot of there problems. WHO IS DEADLIEST??!!


    Crafty Criminals:

    The Joker

    Tony Montana

    Billy Grey

    Michael Corleone

    Frank D'amico

    Graphic Guerrillas:

    John Rambo

    John Matrix

    Nikita Dragovich

    Solid Snake

    Chris Taylor

    Crafty Criminals blast in with:

    Short range: Joker's Bowie Knife

    Mid range: Frank D'amico's Beretta 92FS Inox

    Long range: Tony Montana's Colt AR-15 with M203 Grenade Launcher

    Explosive: Michael Corleone's Molotov Cocktail

    Special: Billy Grey's Pool Cue

    The Graphic Guerillas fire back with:

    Short range: John Rambo's Combat Knife

    Mid range: Solid Snake's MK. 2 Pistol

    Long range: Ch…

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  • Thats random369

    So yeah heres the first pic of Tom Hardy as Bane in the Dark Knight Rises!

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  • Thats random369

    Cyrax: cyborg kombat champion, once fighting with evil, it is now one of its most powerful enemys vs. General Grievous: four armed reptilian cyborg, trained in both the way of the sith and droid. WHO IS DEADLIEST???!!!

    Cyrax kicks in with:

    Short range: Pulse Blade

    Mid range: Buzzsaw

    Long range: Net

    Explosive/Special: Bomb

    Grievous stabs back with:

    Short range: Lightsaber

    Mid range: Lightsaber Throw

    Long range: SE-14 Blaster Pistol

    Explosive/Special: Thermal Detonator

    Cyrax is on the planet Utapau walking along a path. When suddenly a lightsaber zooms past his head, nearly hitting him. He turns around to see General Grievous standing there, Grievous expertly catches the lightsaber. Cyrax yells "This fight will be your last". Cyrax then pulls out his pulse…

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  • Thats random369

    Bob the Builder's weapons:

    Short range: Hammer

    2nd Short range: Drill

    Mid range: Crowbar

    Handy Manny's Weapons:

    Short range: Exacto Knife

    2nd Short range: Wrench

    Mid range: Saw

    Bob the Builder and his machines are working on a giant 7ft hole in the wall of someones house, he then yells out "We are almost finished do you think we can do it" then every one yells out "Yes we can" then from the shadows a voice says "The only person fixing anything is me" out of the shadows steps Manny with a wrench in his hand. Bob then says "I'm sorry who are you" Manny then says "I'm Manny, and you are dead!!!!". Manny then charges Bob trying to hit him with his wrench.

    Bob grabs his hammer and dodges and kicks Manny in the balls. Manny falls over in pain, Bob is ab…

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  • Thats random369

    Cobra vs OpFor

    April 11, 2011 by Thats random369

    Cobra: the ruthless terrorist group determaned to defeat GI Joe and rule the world vs. OpFor: Middle-Eastern fighters who take on all who want to take thier land. Who Is Deadliest!!!!!!??????


    Cobra comes armed to the teeth with:

    Short range: Tokarev TT-33

    Mid range: Scorpion vz. 61

    Long range: M-16

    Explosive: Semtex

    OpFor fires back with:

    Short range: Desert Eagle

    Mid range: Mini-Uzi

    Long range: AK-47

    Explosive: RPG-7


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  • Thats random369

    I Promise I'll Finish this one.

    1. Terrorist Fued - Cobra (GI joe) vs OpFor (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

    2. Minion Beat-down - Minion (Megamind) vs N.O.R.M. (Phineas & Ferb)

    3. Assassin A** Kicking - Jango Fett (Star Wars 2) vs Wolf O Donald (Star Fox)

    4. Assassin A** Kicking 2 - Il Duce (The Boondock Saints) vs Francisco Scaramanga (The Man With The Golden Gun)

    5. Crazy Vigilante Battle - Big Daddy (Kick-ass) vs Rorschach (Watchmen)

    6. Femme Fatals Battle - The Baroness (GI joe) vs Black Widow (Marvel)

    7. Video Game Baddie Brawl - Tartarus (Halo 2) vs Generel Ramm (Gears of War)

    8. Video Game Baddie Brawl 2 - Bowser (Mario series) vs Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda series)

    9. Cyborg With A Lightsaber Battle - Generel Gievous (Star Wars 3) vs Cyrax (M…

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  • Thats random369

    Random Tourny 2

    April 10, 2011 by Thats random369

    1. Kid show Construction Worker Mayhem - Bob the Builder (Bob the Builder) vs Handy Manny (Handy Manny)

    2. Police vs Agents - Detectives Hoitz & Gamble (The Other Guys) vs Mr. Black & Mr. White (Johnny Test)

    3. Funny Spy Battle - Austin Powers (Austin Powers) vs Max Smart (Get Smart)

    4. Cyborg with a Laser Sword - Cyrax (Mortal Kombat) vs General Grievous (Star wars)

    5. The Fur Will Fly - Ape-Men (Planet of the Apes) vs Klingons (Star Trek)

    6. Murderer Battle - Ghostface (Scream) vs Norman Bates (Psycho)

    7. Zombie Slayer Beat-down - Columbus (Zombieland) vs Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)

    8. Crazy Vigilanty Battle - Big Daddy (Kick-ass) vs Rorschach (Watchmen)

    9. Video Game Baddie Brawl - Tautarus (Halo) vs General Ramm (Gears of War)

    10. Robot Rumble - The Termin…

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  • Thats random369

    Remined me to do this later.

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  • Thats random369

    Vladimir Tod: Teenage vampire fighting the demons of his past (Litterily) vs Edward Cullen: vampire protecting his wierd looking Girlfriend. WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!!!????? (Like we don't already know)

    This will be the same weapons fangs vs fangs , fist vs fist and well thats about it I guess.

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  • Thats random369

    Classic Creepers
    Name: Dracula Frankenstein's Monster Wolfman The Creature From The Black Lagoon The Invisible Man The Phantom
    Specialty: The Leader The Strong One The Ugly Killer The Sadistic One You Don't Know He's There Till Its To Late The Evil Trap Setter

    -Can turn into a Bat,Wolf, Rat or Mist

    -Fangs and Claws

    -Super Strenth

    -Claws & Teeth

    -Super Speed & Strenth

    -Can Breath Under Water

    -Super Strenth


    -Invisibility (Duh)

    -Traps (Falling Chandieler and Gun Powder Barrels)

    -Rapier & Noose

    Origin: Dracula Frankenstein The Wolfman The Creature From The Black Lagoon The Invisible Man The Phantom of The Opera
    X-factor: Super Speed & Strenth Super Strenth Super Strenth and Speed Amphibious Is Invisible Brilliant Trap Setter


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  • Thats random369


    Capt. America


    Dr. Doom



    Iron Man






    Shuma-Gorath (DLC only)












    Chris Redfield






    Jill (DLC only)





    Tron Bonne

    Viewtiful Joe




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  • Thats random369

    The Basterds: Special ops, Nazi killin' basterds vs. The Fraternity: worlds best asassians WHO IS DEADLIEST??!!!!

    Name: Basterds Fraternity
    Short range: Bowie Knife Combat Knife
    Mid range: Walther P38 H&K MP7A1
    Long range: MP40 M4A1
    Explosive: Dynamite Bomb Attached Rats
    Special: OSS Pistol Glove Safari Arms Matchmaker Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Driver deadly killer out for revenge for his Brother's death vs Milton killer dead-set on destroying the people who kidnapped his daughter WHO IS DEADLIEST????!!!!!!!!

    Name: Driver Milton
    Short range:
    50 Cal.
    Mid range:

    Long range:


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  • Thats random369

    Name: Sun Tzu Alexander the Great
    Short range: Jian Kopis
    Mid range: Zhua Xyston
    Long range: Repeating Crossbow Gastraphetes
    Special: Flaming Arrows Ballista Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Pic of a Boo Hag

    February 17, 2011 by Thats random369
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  • Jackyman225

    Picachu Tigress


    Picachu Tigress
    Thunder Bolt Slash
    Evolve NO PIC. Rage NO PIC.

    Battle: In the deaps of the forest Picachu standing on a rock sees a ball move into sight. That ball is a bakugan, Tigress the tiger bacugan looks and sees Pikachu standing on the rock and is startled and changes from ball form to tiger form. Picachu shoot a thunder bolt straght at him. It hits the tiger in the leg and then it falls to the ground and slashes at picachu in discust. Picachu is hit in the face and it leaves gaping wound. The tiger has a burn mark the size of a basketball.

    Now its the pokemons turn he looks into the forest and

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  • Jackyman225



    Tellatubbies (Tellatubbies)
    Umpalumpas (Charlie and the chocolate factory)

    Weapons (Randomised)

    Tellatubbies Umpalumpas
    Lightsaber (Vid. on Youtube) Shotgun (Vid. on Youtube)
    R.P.G (Random) Light disc (Tron/Randomised)


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  • Thats random369

    Dracula: Ultimate vampire king from the dead vs Jason: Deadly slasher zombie killer WHO IS DEADLIEST???!!!!!!

    Experts for Dracula: Van Helsing (Expert vampire hunter) & Bram Stroker (Author who knows Dracula inside out)

    Experts for Jason: Freddy Krueger (Trained killer who has dueled Jason a few times) & Pam Voorhees (Killer & Jasons mother)

    Dracula bites in with...

    Dracula's Weapons
    Name: Dracula
    Short range: Fangs
    Longe range: Throwing Knives
    Special: Turning Into A Bat

    And Jason slashes back with...

    Jason's Weapons
    Name: Jason
    Short range: Knife
    Long range: Bow & Arrow
    Special: Speargun

    Draculas weapons:

    Jasons Weapons:

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  • Thats random369

    Bane super strong, super-human crime lord from I think Mexico, but I'm not sure vs Juggernaut deadly mutant criminal WHO IS DEADLIEST????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Name: Bane Juggernaut
    Super Power: Super-Strenth Super-Stenth
    Weapons: Fists Fists
    X-factor Smarter Stronger (NOT by much, like on a scale of 1 to 10 Bane would be 9.1 and Juggernaut would be 9.9) Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Round 1: Youppi vs Jaxson De Ville

    Round 2: Boltman vs Thunderbug

    Round 3: Viktor the Viking vs Gnash

    Round 4: Slapshot vs Big Red

    Round 5: Pat Patriot vs N.J. Devil

    Round 6: Steely McBeam vs Carlton The Bear

    Round 7: Chomps vs Bailey

    Round 8: Rowdy vs Benny

    Round 9: T.D. vs S.J. Sharkie

    Round 10: Nyisles vs Captain Fear

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  • Thats random369

    Name: Na'vi Gungan
    Short range: Sacrificial Knife Atatl Booma Launcher
    Mid range: Staff Gungan 1-shot water proof pistol
    Long range: Combat Bow & Arrows Gungan Assult Cannon
    Calavry: Mountain Banshee Kaadu
    Armor: None None Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Name: Reznov Gruber
    Short range: ASP Pistol H&K P7M13
    Mid range: PPSH-41 H&K HK94
    Long range: Dragunav Sniper Rifle M60 E3
    Explosive: Frag Grenade SMAW Rocket Launcher
    Special: Flamethrower Attachment China Lake Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Hannibal vs Genghis Khan

    Joan of Arc

    Chief Crazy Horse

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  • Thats random369

    Name: Zombies Goomba's
    Close range: Arms & Teeth Fists & Feet
    Mid range: Wood Stake Lead Pipe Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Name: Zombies Goomba's
    Close range: Arms & Teeth Fists & Feet
    Mid range: Wood Stake Lead Pipe Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Name: Koa Zande
    Short range: Pahia Dagger Makraka
    Mid range: Pololu Shark-Toothed Spear Makrigga
    Long range: Throwing Axe Kpinga
    Special: Shark Toothed Club Wicker Shield
    Armor: Nothing Nothing Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Celt vs Gladiator

    January 15, 2011 by Thats random369

    Name: Celt Gladiator
    Short range: Longsword Sica
    Mid range: Lancea Trident
    Long range: Sling Sling
    Special: Burda



    Armor: Iron Helmet & Wood Shield Bronze Helmet Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Name: CIA Pirates
    Short range: Push Knife Grappling Hook
    Mid range: Briefcase Gun AK-47
    Long range: MAC-10 PKM
    Explosive: C4 RPG
    Armor: None None Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Name: Vlad the Impaler Genghis Khan
    Short range: Kilij Ild
    Mid range: Halberd Glaive
    Long range: Steel Crossbow Mongol Bow & Arrow
    Special: Hand Cannon Mace
    Armor: Chainmail, Steel Helmet & Shield Leather & Lamellar Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Apache vs Comanche

    January 15, 2011 by Thats random369

    Name: Apache Comanche
    Short range: Tomahawk War Hawk
    Mid range: Knife (Can be thrown) War Lance
    Long range: Apache Bow & Arrow Comanche Bow & Arrow
    Special: War Club Scalping Knife
    Armor: Buffalo Hide Shield Bison Hide Shield Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Name: Aztec Jaguar Zulu
    Short range: Tecpatl Knife Iklwa
    Mid range: Maquahuitl Zulu Axe
    Long range: Atlatl & Tlacochtli Iwisa
    Special: Tematlatl Knobkerrie
    Armor: Quilted Cotten Soaked in Salt Water & Jaguar skin Ox Hide Shield Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Orange annoying menace who has the strange thing where almost everyone he annoys dies vs Dot annoying 7 year old girl on ADD WHO IS DEADLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Name: Orange Dot
    Close range:


    No pics

    Mid range: Spitting Seeds Bouncey ball
    Long range: Spitting Orange Juice Toy Bow & Arrow
    Special: Knife Summon Quarters Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Name: Abberline Van Helsing
    Short range: Silver Cane Silver Stake
    Mid range: Colt Revolver Wheellock Pistol
    Long range: Repeating Rifle Automatic Crossbow
    Special: Silver bullets Hand Saws Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Ultimate tourny 2

    January 13, 2011 by Thats random369

    The Tourny is Not Cancled But it will be done later because of other battles that have to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Round 1: Inspector Abberline vs Van Helsing

    Round 3: Ben Gunn vs Brian Robeson

    Round 4: Jaws vs Moby Dick

    Round 5: Piranhas vs Snakes

    Round 6: Percy Jackson vs Achilles

    Round 7: Blade vs Buffy the vampire slayer

    Round 8: Ogopogo vs Nessie

    Round 9: T-rex vs Rancor

    Round 10: Alf vs E.T.

    Round 11: Vlad the Impaler vs Genghis Khan

    Round 12: Pacman vs Yoshi

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  • Thats random369

    Name: Kraken (C.O.T.T.) Kraken (P.O.T.C.)
    Weapons: Arms, Teeth and Fists Tenticles, Teeth and Ramming into stuff


    Near the shore of the Caribbean sea the two Krakens meet. Both Krakens are thinking the same thing "There can be only one". So the C.O.T.T. kraken swims up to the P.O.T.C. kraken in the eye. The P.o.t.C. kraken responds by ramming into the C.o>t

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  • Jackyman225

    SECTION 1:

    Umpalumpa (Charlie and the chocolate Factory) Vs. Telletubbys (Telletubbys) Winner Plays winner of 2 :

    Picachu (Pokemon) Vs. Tigras (Bacugan) Winner Plays winner of 1 : Picachu Vs. Teletubbies Winner plays winner of 4,3:

    Dr.doofenshmerts (Phines And Pherb) Vs. Doodlebop (Doodlebops) Winner Plays winner of 4 :

    Patrick (spongebob) Vs. Jocktopus (Fish Hooks) Winner Plays winner of 3 :

    SECTION 2: Garfeild (Garfeild Comic Strip) Vs Belvedere (Belvedere Comic Strip) Winner plays winner of 2:

    Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the pooh) Vs. Yogi Bear (Yogi Bear) Winner plays winner of 1:

    Jimmy Nutron (Jimmy Nutron) Vs. Johny Test (Jonny Test) Winner Plays winner of 4:

    Slimer (Ghostbusters) Vs. Casper (Caspers Scare School) Winner plays winner of 3:

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  • Thats random369


    Round 1: Indiana Jones vs Jack Sparrow

    Round 2: Roger vs Brian

    Round 3: Kraken (Clash of the Titans) vs Kraken (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    Round 4: Bugs Bunny vs Micky Mouse

    Round 5: Robin Hood vs Peter Pan

    Round 6: Hannah Montanna vs Justin Bieber

    Round 7: Jerry Seindfeld vs Michael Scott

    Round 8: Grendel vs Wendigo

    Round 9: Gru vs Dr Doofensmirtz

    Round 10: Hercules vs Kratos

    Round 11: Chupacabra vs Kappa

    Round 12: Green Hornet & Kato vs Kick-ass & Hit-girl

    Round 13: Venom vs Killer croc

    Round 14: Mario vs Sonic

    Round 15: Rooster Cogburn vs Johnny Ringo

    Round 16: Teletubbies vs The wiggles

    Round 17: Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee

    Round 18: Frankenfruit vs Frankencelery

    Round 19: Wolf…

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  • Thats random369

    Name: Gromit Shaun the Sheep
    Short range: Knitting neddles Spade
    Mid range: Pitchfork Shovel
    Long range: Hot teacup throw Golden record throw
    Special: Bagpipes Flute Read more >
  • Thats random369

    Name: Flinstone Yogi
    Short range: Fists Claws
    Mid range: Burda club Running bite
    Long range: Atlatl Picinic stealing traps Read more >